Reflections on a Month "Un-Plugged"


Social Media Break, Bachelor in Paradise, and Back to School. By Kristin Sweeting

I thought by 29 years of age, I would stop caring what people think.


Good news is, I can finally say the “F” word in public, show some cleave, and admit I like the Bachelor in Paradise without thinking twice about it, but when it comes to other things - like seeing people’s disapproving looks when my toddler is having a meltdown in an airport or stepping out from the way I used to do things or having political disagreements with family- you can bet the heck I worry about what people think. 

Recovering People Pleasers Unite! This shall be my battle cry and the thing I tell myself every time that voice in my head says, “GET BACK IN LINE.” 

HENCE, one of the main reasons I am on a social media break. Yuuuppp… is that weird to admit? Am I supposed to pretend I have it all together? Well sister, I don’t. I hear you when you say, “It’s so hard to not compare myself to others” or “why is this not happening faster?” or “why is life, marriage, parenting, business, *fill in the blank* so hard sometimes?” 

We all have our battles, which is why sometimes we just have to step away, recharge, recenter, make some beautiful shit, and binge watch crummy TV. 

Here are some things I’ve learned from being away from the inter webs for a little while: 

  1. My business didn’t burst in to flames. *Actual fear of mine* Nope, I’m still here, it’s still here plugging away! Social media is ONE way to grow a business, but it isn’t the ONLY way. Going offline has made me prioritize other things. I’ve been able to create more work, plan ahead for a busy fall, figure out where to go from here, and spend more intentional time with just about everything. 
  2. Being overly accessible isn’t always the best thing for business. One thing I love about reality shows, is watching the game of dating (because it can teach you so much about people in general). Take Bachelor in Paradise- Adam likes both Sarah and Raven, but Sarah is waaayy in to him and super vocal about it. Raven is a little more mysterious and hard-to-get, even though she totally likes him too. Who does he pick? Yup. Raven. Dean (don’t get me started), likes Kristina, who is totally in to him and wants to make it work, but he keeps running off and kissing D-Lo because she’s doing her thing and isn’t chasing him down. Business is creepily a little too much like dating. Clients smell desperation and it STANKS. I’ve totally been guilty of getting caught in a social media warp where I’m posting and liking and commenting and obsessing… and OMG it’s so unattractive and I’m embarrassed watching the replay. Consistency, hard work, and tunnel vision will be rewarded, and getting caught in a social media loop will most likely hurt us more in the long run than help. 
  3. I just feel better. I don’t need to add a ton to that, but I’m gonna be honest and say my head feels much clearer. 

What do you think? Do you relate with this? Have you taken a social media break of your own?