Where Oh WHERE are the Clients?


You’re scaring away potential clients. 

You’re not booking the number of weddings you want, you’re starting to get scared, and because of that, you’re inadvertently driving away clients! 

You keep trying to ‘market’ - advertising, posting on IG 3x a day, Facebook, writing on every referral post on Facebook that ever existed, getting LOUDER AND LOUDER **someone please see me/ hear me/ book me!!**

I’ve totally been there too- the fear that comes over you when you get yet another “rejection email” 

Was your pricing too high? Were you too nice? Were you too weird? WHAT’S WRONG WITH ME???

It spirals until you end up binge eating Talenti and watching the Bachelor over and over

The truth is, your pricing, your website, even how good your work is - aren’t the things that are going to get you booked, and the more you push push push, the farther you’re pushing yourself in to the back burner of someone’s mind. 

Have you ever dated a guy/gal, and had them break up with you only to date another person who was SO not as pretty/handsome as you?! Or had someone book another photographer who was DEFINITELY not as good as you? 

Blame the industry, blame the election, blame whatever/whoever you want- the truth is there are tons of people out there ready and willing to SPLURGE on their photography if you’re able to do this one thing: 




When you’re able to inspire people in a way that surpasses logic, you will book more, have happier clients, have loyal customers, and your business will continue to grow. 

Break out of the hamster wheel and focus on finding that magic spark again. 


xo, Kristin

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