Danger School | Pre-Sale

Danger School | Pre-Sale


This Course is still in Beta. With the Pre-Sale Price, you get early access to the stripped down beta version, and includes access to the full course when it launches Fall 2019

Four Part Business Course for Photographers and Creatives

You’ll learn how to:

  • Build a memorable brand that has people begging to work with you year after year

  • Structure your life, finances, and business in a way that supports YOUR goals, values, and priorities

  • Build confidence in your craft and your life

  • Generate referral and word of mouth buzz in an authentic way

  • Make your business fun and engaging to your audience

  • Serve your clients SO well they can’t help but tell everyone about you

  • Make more money with personal and business budgeting strategies, money mindset shifts, lessons on sales and profitability, and how to outsource and automate in a way that brings in 2-3x the revenue of last year.

  • Pricing for profitability

Part 1: Become more dangerous: confidence, attraction, values, and zeroing in

Part 2: A Brand that Matters: Your Word of Mouth Strategy

Part 3: Money Money Money: sales, profit, more money

Part 4: Bonus Material: creative content trip, non icky networking, pricing, outsourcing/automating

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