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Kristin Sweeting - Nashville, TN

I have the story a lot of entrepreneurs and photographers have: it started as an obsession and turned in to a career. My photography business is the thing that brought sparkles in to my life. And it grew and grew and found some success. And then life hit- my dad died, I lost a baby, I had my son... and all of a sudden, it was extremely hard to find joy in my business let alone make it grow.

And then I started taking risks and deciding to invest in myself. And I started writing down my dreams. And I started being open with people around me about how hard life is sometimes. And the life slowly and surely started coming back in to my eyes. And my business increased profits by more than 100%. And I worked towards a schedule that allowed me to make money, be home with my son, travel the world, and encourage other artists. And now I sit here typing and knowing that you too can turn it around. Growing the life of your dreams doesn't have to look perfect (nor is it), but it can be joyful, and it can be wildly successful. And you got this. xo!


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